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IDIOMS (Thành ngữ) là những các từ mà lại ý nghĩa sâu sắc của nó – không chỉ có đối chọi thuần là nghĩa đen của các tự ghxay lại – cơ mà thường xuyên sở hữu nghĩa nhẵn. Sau đây HỌC247 sẽ trình bày một vài Idioms hay sử dụng, cả gia đình tham khảo nhằm ra thi thì biết lựa chọn nhaaaa.

1.CATS AND DOGS: rain heavily--> It"s raining cats & dogs = It"s raining heavily2. CHALK ANDCHEESE: very different from each other--> I don"t have sầu anything in common with my brother. We"re like chalk and cheese.3. HERE AND THERE: everywhere--> I have been looking here & there for thegift I bought for my girlfriover.4. A HOT POTATO: something that is difficult ordangerous lớn deal with (sự việc nan giải, rét hổi)--> The abortion issue is a political hot potatoin the US.5. AT THE DROP. OF THE HAT: immediately, instantly--> If you need me, just Gọi me. I can come atthe drop of a hat.

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6.BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD: time to lớn start from the beginning ; it is time toplan something over again (ban đầu lại từ bỏ đầu)--> My plans tocreate a tiny car made of glasses were unsuccessful, so I guess it is bachồng tothe drawing board.7. BEAT ABOUT THEBUSH: avoiding the main topic, not speaking directly about the issue. (nói vòngvo, ko vô vấn đề chính)--> Stop beatingabout the bush & answer myquestion.8. BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD: a good inventionor innovation; a good idea or plan. (ý tưởng phát minh xuất xắc, tốt)--> Portable phones are marketed as the bestthing since sliced bread; people think they are extremely good.9. BURN THE MIDNIGHT OIL: to stay up working,especially studying late at night (thức khuya thao tác, học tập bài)--> I will have sầu a big exam tomorrow so I"ll beburning the midnight oil tonight.10. CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO STOOLS: when someone findsit difficult lớn choose between two alternatives (chần chờ, trù trừ lựa chọnloại như thế nào, bởi dự)--> I was caught between two stools when I hadlớn choose which shirt to lớn hang out with my girlfriends.

11.BREAK A LEG = good luck

12. HIT THE BOOKS =khổng lồ study13. LET THE CAT OUTOF THE BAG: khổng lồ reveal a secret or a surprise by accident ( để lộ túng bấn mật)--> It"s asecret. Try not khổng lồ let the cát out of the bag.14. WHEN PIGS FLY =something will never happen (chuyện viễn vông, ko tưởng)15. SCRATCH SOMEONE"S BACK: helpsomeone out with the assumption that they will return the favor in the future(giúp ai cùng với mong muốn về sau fan ta sẽ giúp lại mình)--> "You scratch my baông chồng và I will scratchyours," the customer said when we talked about the new sales liên hệ.

16.HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD: vì chưng or say something exactly right (đoán, nói trúngphóc)--> Mike hit thenail on the head when he said most people can use a computer without knowinghow it works.


17. TAKESOMEONE/SOMETHING FOR GRANTED: coi nhẹ--> One of theproblems with relationships is that after a while you begin lớn take each otherfor granted.18. TAKE SOMETHINGINTO ACCOUNT/CONSIDERATION: toremember khổng lồ consider something (tính cho cái gì)--> We will take your long years of service intoaccount when we make our final decision.19. KEEP AN EYE ON SB/STH: chú ý, nhằm trung ương mang đến ai--> Please keep an eye on my baby while I amout.trăng tròn. PUT SOMEONE/SOMETHING AT SOMEONE"S DISPOSAL: tomake someone or something available khổng lồ someone (gồm sẵn mang đến ai thực hiện theo ýmuốn)--> I"d be glad khổng lồ help you if you need me. Iput myself at your disposal.

21.SPLITTING HEADACHE (N): a severe headabịt (hoa mắt nlỗi búa bổ)--> I"ve sầu got asplitting headađậy. I"m going upstairs for a nap.22. OFF THE PEG:may sẵn (quần áo)--> If I buytrousers off the peg, they"re always too short.23. ON THE HOUSE:chưa phải trả tiền--> I went to arestaurant last night. I was the ten thousandth customer, so my dinner was onthe house.24. HIT THE ROOF = GO THROUGH THE ROOF = HIT THECEILING: lớn suddenly become angry (giận dữ)--> I"m afraid he will hit the roof when hefinds out our vacation is cancelled.25. BRING DOWN THE HOUSE: làm cho cho cả khán chống vỗtay sức nóng liệt--> Bin"s voice brought the house down. Hereally brought down the house with his fantastic song.

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26.PAY THROUGH THE NOSE: to lớn pay too much for something (trả giá chỉ đắt)--> If you wantdecent wine in a restaurant, you will have to lớn pay through the nose for it.27. BY THE SKIN OFONE"S TEETH: sát sao--> I gotthrough calculus class by the skin of my teeth.--> I got lớn theairport a few minutes late and missed the plan by the skin of my teeth.28. PULL SOMEONE"SLEG: chọc tập ai--> You don"t mean that.You"re just pulling my leg.29. IT STRIKE SB AS/THAT A STRANGE: đem làm cho lạ--> I stroke me as a strange when he came toclass early this morning.30. HIGH AND LOW = HERE AND THERE: everywhere--> I have been searching high and low for thegift I bought for Hà An for a whole day.

31.THE MORE, THE MERRIER: càng đông, càng vui--> Of courseyou can have a ride with us! The more, the merrier.32. SPICK AND SPAN:ngăn nắp, gọn gàng gàng--> The kitchenwas spiông chồng và span as ever, every surface wiped down and everything in itsplace.33. EVERY NOW ANDTHEN = sometimes--> Every nowvà then, I want to lớn be alone.34. PART AND PARCEL: integral, crucial (đặc trưng,thiết yếu)--> Being recognised in the street is all partvà parcel of being famous.


35. GO TO ONE"S HEAD: khiến ai kiêu ngạo--> Don"t let all this praises go to your head.--> Too much success will go to her head.

36.BE ON THE WAGON: kị rượu--> Bob"s olddrinking buddies complained that he was no fun when he went on the wagon.37. ONCE IN A BLUEMOON: cực kỳ hiếm--> Once in axanh moon, I stop thinking about her. If only she knew how much I love her.38. ON THE SPOT:immediately (ngay lập tức)--> I will bethere on the spot.39. FEW AND FAR BETWEEN: hiếm gặp--> Go and tell her that you love sầu her! That kindof girl is really few and far between.40. ON THE VERGE OF = ON THE BRINK OF = IN THE EDGE: bên bờ vực (cảnh giác cùng với giới từ bỏ "on" với "in" nhé!)--> We have to lớn protect elephants. They are onthe verge of extinction.

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41.LEAD SOMEBODY BY THE NOSE: lớn control someone và make them vị exactly what youwant them khổng lồ vày (thay đầu, dắt mũi ai)--> They simplydidn"t know what they were doing và they were led by the nose by amanipulative government42. AT THE ELEVENTHHOUR: vào phút ít chót--> She alwaysturned her term paper in at the eleventh hour.43. FIND FAULTWITH: chỉ trích, kiếm cthị trấn,bắt lỗi--> It is very easy to lớn find fault with the workothers.44. OFF AND ON/ ON AND OFF: ko phần đa đặn, thỉnhthoảng--> We don"t often go there- just off và on.45. MAKE BELIEVE: mang cỗ, đưa vờ--> I tried khổng lồ make believe she was happy, butknew deep down it was not true.46. MAKE GOOD TIME: dịch chuyển nkhô nóng, đi nhanh.--> We made good time and were at the hotel bylunch time.47. LOOK DAGGERS AT SOMEONE: giận giữ nhìn ai đó--> Their relationship is not free and easy butat least he is no longer looking daggers at her.48. BE OUT OF THE QUESTION: thiết yếu được--> You cannot get married until you are 18,it"s out of the question.49. ALL AT ONCE = suddenly: bất thình lình--> All at once, there was a loud banging on thedoor.50. BLOW ONE"S TRUMPET: bốc phét, khoác lác--> Anyone will tell you she"s one of the bestjournacác mục we"ve got, although she"d never blow her trumpet.

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