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The 78 MW Hiep Tkhô nóng wind farm marks Siemens Gamesa’s fifth nearshore project in Vietphái nam, và confirms the company as one of the largest players in the Vietnamese nearshore segment. 18 units of SG 5.0-145 turbine with flexible power rating will be supplied. Additionally, the company signed a long-term 10-year contract to provide operation and maintenance services.

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Siemens Gamesa has strengthened its market leadership position in Vietnam after securing its fifth nearshore wind farm project as the Vietnamese government quickly advances on its renewable energy goals.

The lakiểm tra khuyễn mãi giảm giá, which surpasses the previous company record in scale for its fourth nearshore project (75 MW) as the largest of its kind in Vietnam giới, adds a further 78 MW khổng lồ the company’s existing 174 MW it has already secured, making Siemens Gamesa one of the largest players on the growing Vietnamese nearshore wind market.

The 78-MW Hiep Tkhô giòn wind farm will be located 1-3 km off the coast of Tra Vinc Province. Siemens Gamesa has been able khổng lồ leverage its engineering và construction experience gathered from both onshore and offshore khổng lồ tư vấn the development of the nearshore market in Vietnam.

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This project is being developed by EcoTech Tra Vinc Renewables JSC, và its investors, Janakuasa Pte Ltd, Ecotech Vietphái mạnh, Climate Investor One, which is managed by Climate Fund Managers (CFM), & ST International. Siemens Gamesa formed a consortium with PowerChina Huadong EngineeringCo., Ltd.,the leading engineering và construction company in China’s offshore wind power industry, to deliver an Engineering, Procurement và Construction (EPC) offering to the customer.

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The wind farm will feature 18 units of the SG 5.0-145 turbine, which are among the largest turbines on the Vietnamese market. Commissioning of the wind farm is expected in the third quarter of 2021. Additionally, the company signed a long-term 10-year contract to provide operation and maintenance services.

“We’re pleased to lớn see the Vietnamese government accelerating the development of renewable energies, which will be essential for a post Covid-19 economic recovery and meeting long-term energy and climate goals. Siemens Gamesa is well positioned to lớn tư vấn our partners in Vietphái mạnh with our leading-edge engineering capabilities & strong project execution team for business success and clean energy transition,” said Enrique Pedrosa, Chief Regions Officer of Siemens Gamesa’s Onshore business unit.

In Vietnam, Siemens Gamesa has built three wind farms, with seven more wind farms under construction. In the last three years, the company has sold approximately 550 MW in this market.

Siemens Gamesa has grown in the Asia Pacific region since the 1980s và has now installed more than 8.4 GW of onshore turbines in Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Pakischảy, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam giới, Indonesia, the Philippines, Xứ sở nụ cười Thái Lan, nước Australia và New Zeal&. On the offshore side, the company completed the installation of Taiwan’s first offshore wind power project in 2019 (128 MW) và in addition reached cthất bại to lớn 2 GW of firm orders in the island.

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