7 of the best vietnam movies and shows, ranked

The Vietphái mạnh War was one of the most politically charged military campaigns in American history. Scores of brave sầu, young men were drafted into lớn service to lớn fight against the spread of communism & a well-trained North Vietnamese Army.

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Each man who fought in the war came away with their own personal story. Oftentimes, those stories feed the creative sầu process and are adapted lớn resonate with a wider audience. The result is a huge assortment of stories, told through books, feature films, or television series.

But for every great piece of media, there are plenty of not-so-good Vietnam movies and TV shows that hit the shelves. So, we’ve put together a danh mục of classics that won’t ever get old.


‘Đài Loan Trung Quốc Beach’ (TV series)

Created by John Young và William Broyles Jr., the show follows Army Nurse Colleen McMurphy while she works at an evacuation hospital & USO center during the Vietphái mạnh War. The show featured various storylines of troops rotating in & out of the war.

Plus, the show’s opening credits showcased one of the most famous songs from that era: Reflections, as performed by the Supremes.

Fun fact: The title of the show, China Beach, refers lớn the nickname of My Khe Beach in the city of Da Nang, Vietnam.


‘Tour of Duty’ (TV series)

Created by Steve Duncan và L. Travis Clark, the show initially aired on CBS in 1987 and followed a group of Army soldiers as they moved through the unforgiving jungles of Vietnam. It was considered the first dramatic television show lớn regularly display combat events in a narrative sầu setting. Tour of Duty was intended to be the spin-off lớn Oliver Stone’s Platoon.

The show only lasted three seasons, but many Vietphái mạnh vets were fans of this short-lived series.


‘The Deer Hunter’

Directed by Michael Camino, the 1978 classic follows three lifelong friends from a steel mill town in Pennsylvania as they experience the grlặng realities of POWs in Vietphái mạnh. The powerful acting performances và gruesome Russian Roulette scenes are why the film took trang chính the Oscar for Best Picture that year.


‘Hamburger Hill’

Directed by John Irvin, this story depicts one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietphái mạnh War. Nearly 400 allied lives were cut short during a tragic friendly-fire accident.

In real life, the Hill was considered by many lớn not have sầu any real, significant military value.


‘Full Metal Jacket’

Directed by the late Stanley Kubriông chồng, Full Metal Jacket is considered one of the greathử nghiệm war movies ever made. It showcases the journey of a recruit who makes his way through basic training và is thrust into the dangerous, combative sầu pit known as Vietnam giới in the late 1960s.

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With Platoon, critically acclaimed writer-director Oliver Stone pulls from his own experiences (an Army veteran) to lớn take audiences directly inlớn one of the most politically charged times in American history. Platoon follows a young soldier, Chris Taylor, who enters the war as a complete newbie and exits full of emotional scars.


‘We Were Soldiers’

Based on the real events, We Were Soldiers focuses on the heroism & outstanding leadership abilities of Lt. Colonel Harold G. Moore. This intense war epic displays both the vigors of war on the frontlines và the emotional strife endured by faithful Army spouses back trang chủ.

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Blake Stilwell

Posted On July 23, 20trăng tròn 21:11:55

Or…licences. With a C. Because they’re British.

In any case, it’s probably the coolest thing any movie spy was ever issued. James Bond, with his “00” designation has one, và maybe a whole handful of real-world MI6 agents bởi too — because they’re real.

And apparently anything goes.

A 2008 Reuters report on the inquest into lớn Princess Diana’s death covered the testimony of MI6 intelligence operatives. The goal of the inquest was khổng lồ determine if the Britain’s royal family ordered Diana killed.


The result was no, of course they didn’t. But what it did reveal was a look at how the intelligence agency operates, especially in regards to targeted killings. It turns out British operatives are allowed to lớn kill their enemies.

But first they need a Class Seven Authorisation và the personal signature of the Foreign Secretary.


Richard Dearlove, the former head of Britain’s spy agency, revealed this during the inquiry. Diamãng cầu & her lover, Dodi al-Fayed, were killed in a 1997 oto accident in Paris. Ten more agents were required to give testimony in 2008 as the royal family faced accusations of wrongdoing from al-Fayed’s father, Mohamed.

Actually getting the Class Seven Authorisation is easier than it sounds. According lớn Dearlove’s testimony, once the paperwork is finished, it has to be signed off by a “senior regional official.” Then, it would have sầu lớn go through the chief of the agency — in Diana’s case, it would have been Dearlove sầu.

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After that, it would have khổng lồ “go down restricted channels lớn the Foreign Secretary.”

Socialism turns even the smallest tasks into lớn a whole bureaucratic ordeal. I bet the process was much smoother when Maggie Thatcher was in office.

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